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We are currently offering all of our classes LIVE on our online platform.  Enrollment is OPEN!  

A Message from Jeng Academic Center:

At JAC, we do not believe that remote learning should in any way compromise our students' learning experiences.  We utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver our live, online, interactive courses.  We hire and retain only the highest quality teachers, each one hand-picked and rigorously screened by Dr. Jeng.


We are proud to offer our renowned SAT Workshop as well as our popular 2021 spring program, both now available for enrollment.  For our 2021 spring program, we have prepared more than 100 courses for our students to select from. Each class is offered with the intellectual development and academic needs of our students in mind.  We would love to help you pick the courses that will best benefit and enrich your children’s education.  Contact us today at 805-777-3437 or

Our Course Offerings:



Our renowned SAT/ACT workshop delivers results with a uniquely rigorous & enriching approach.

Summer Program

Currently offering 40 courses in our popular Summer Program, suited for all types of learners, open for enrollment now.


Prep Courses for the Secondary School Aptitude Test (SSAT) as well as the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)



Advanced Placement offerings include AP Chinese, English, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus.

English Programs

Reading and writing skills are essential tools for clear, critical thinking. JAC offers English  classes for students from grades 3 to 11.

English as a 2nd Language

The ESL program at JAC is designed to assist students whose first language is not English to acquire proficiency in the English language.


Prep Courses for the International Test of English Proficieny (ITEP) as well as the TOEFL iBT Test. 

Other Offerings

Dr. Jeng takes pride in offering  a variety of different courses, including: Speech &  Debate, Poetry and Calligraphy, Greek Mythology, among others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire in every student a passion for learning and to cultivate in him a habit of clear thinking. Our courses are designed to help students achieve their immediate academic goals, such as mastering reading and writing skills, becoming proficient in math, passing an AP class, or getting accepted into a prestigious university; however, we also teach them to recognize these achievements as mere stepping stones toward a lifelong intellectual growth.

We aspire to educate a new generation of young people armed with a solid background in humanities, mathematics, and science through a curriculum based on classical literature, philosophy, and other resources customized into course materials by Dr. De-Yin Jeng.

Why choose us?

The JAC Difference


  Dr. Jeng’s unique philosophy as an educator sets his center apart from the big-business, high-churn tutoring companies that are common in the space.  He believes that in providing a more classical and holistic instruction, students will not only greatly improve their test scores, but also enhance and enrich their attitude and approach to learning.


Dr. Jeng leads a group of top-notch, hand-picked educators who are experts in their respective fields and share in the unique culture and philosophy that JAC is dedicated to.  Many teachers have been with JAC for over a decade, providing for a continuity of instruction and contributing to our uncompromising standard of teaching quality.


Whether courses are delivered in-person or online, JAC students are encouraged to be active participants in their education, asking questions and staying engaged in the classroom.  They also receive personalized guidance, attention and feedback to keep them on track toward their goals.


Government Building

Nicholas M.

Oak Park High School

SAT Score: 2400 (out of 2400)

 I have taken many classes, both inside and outside of school, but Dr. Jeng’s SAT workshop stands out, because, unlike the others, it has taught me more than just rules and knowledge; it has taught me to clear up the clutter in my mind and think.  The skills I acquired in his class did not stop being useful after I took the SAT, and they are still helping me now. It wasn’t just about doing well on the SAT. He taught me a higher level of thinking.


Kristen E.

Westlake High School

SAT Score: 2370 (out of 2400)

Dr. Jeng does more than teach; he genuinely cares about each and every one of his students. He would always stop and make sure that each student fully understood a problem before moving on. From checking in daily on his students to setting meetings with everyone to track progress, Dr. Jeng transcended his obligations as an SAT instructor to act as a life guide and mentor. For this, I am eternally grateful to Dr. Jeng and JAC as a whole.

Topview of Library

Franklin C.

Westlake High School

SAT Score: 1570 (out of 1600)

 The SAT workshop not only prepared me for a score, but also enabled me to be much more successful in approaching my junior year... I am more methodical and patient in school and in my extracurricular activities. I study differently and have been able to focus for longer periods of time. I definitely recommend JAC SAT workshop for anyone looking to improve their SAT score as well as their abilities in school!

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